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Terabit Virus Maker 2013 + Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3 | 1 Mb
Name : TVM2013+ADFv0.5 Beta3
Version : v0.5 Beta3
Languange : English
Medicine : Freeware
OS Support : Xp/Vista/7
Password : No
Type File : Zip
Code File : a.d.f.v0.5.beta3+t.v.m2013
Updated : 2013
Publisher : at4re
Size : 1.4 Mb

Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3:

use it when you forgets the Deep-Freeze password.

What's new in this version:
1- Fix some bugs
2- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Standard
3- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Enterprise
4- Add Deep Freeze v7.61.020.4320 Server Enterprise

Supported Versions:
1- Deep Freeze Standard v4.10.020.0448
2- Deep Freeze Standard v5.70.020.1372
3- Deep Freeze Standard v5.70.220.1372
4- Deep Freeze Standard v6.61.020.2822
5- Deep Freeze Standard v6.62.020.3058
6- Deep Freeze Standard v7.00.020.3172
7- Deep Freeze Standard v7.60.020.4298
8- Deep Freeze Enterprise V7.10.220.3176
9- Deep Freeze Workstation v7.60.20.4298
10-Deep Freeze Standard v7.61.020.4320
11-Deep Freeze Enterprise v7.61.020.4320
12-Deep Freeze Server Enterprise v7.61.020.4320

Note: This version is protected with VMP
so don't worry if you get any false antivirus alarm.
Inform us here for any NOT working version.

Terabit Virus Maker 2013 :

if you Want to make a reliable and fairly annoying virus
is also a danger in his company,
to use this software.

You will be able to create a virus from light to quite heavy.

Terabit Virus Maker V.3.2 is a software that can help you to create a virus.
do not hard.

Approximately how such:

1. Open Terabit Virus Maker software V.3.2 (beware the dangers)

2. Choose the option that is on the list with one or a combination mencheklish,
like you want to create a virus that cursor movement itself and the CD-ROM
or DVD-ROM drive in and out of his own just select

Funny Mouse + Open / Close Every 10 Sec.

3. Cheklish Fake Error Mesage (also not Want to edit it's okay)

4. Then select the file name after install

please you choose what format would be made in the virus so that people will be clicking his
do not duplicate well in xixiix ^ ^!,,)

5. Save


- Should Freeze computer or laptop at first.


All Link Resumable and Speed ^^*
No Password No Need Leech!!
Please Sellect 1 Link Dont All, Thanks
Download Here :
1. Download | Via Sharebeast
2. Download | Via Upafile
3. Download | Via Verzend
4. Download | Via Tusfile
5. Download | Via Sharebees
6. Download | Via Cloudzer
7. Download | Via Megafiles
8. Download | Via Billionupload
9. Download | Via Hugefiles
10.Download | Via Hulkfile
11.Download | Via ifile.ws
12.Download | Via Uppit
13.Download | Via Uploadbaz
14.Download | Via Secureupload
15.Download | Via Fileswap
16.Download | Via Arabloads
17.Download | Via Uploadblast
18.Download | Via rGhost
19.Download | Via Mightyupload
20.Download | Via 180 Upload
21.Download | Via Exoshare 12 Site(Sharebeast,Sharebees,ifiles,Cyberlocker, More..)
22.Download | Via Exoshare 12 Site(Asixfiles,rghost,180upload,secureup,More..)
23.Download | Via Exoshare 12 Site(Hulkfile,Showtube,albafile,More..)
24.Download | Via Embedupload 12 Site(Sharebeast,4shared,tusfile,fileswaf,More..)
25.Download | Via Mircreator 12 Site(Gamefront,Extabit,180Upload,More..)
26.Download | Via Dirmirror 14 Site(Rapidshare,Load.to,2shared,Verzend,More.......)
27.Download | Via Upldmirrors 10 Site(Mediafire,Hulkshare,Upafile,Turbobit,More..)
28.Download | Via Digzip 10 Site(Tusfile,4shared,hotfile,senspace,more..)
29.Download | Via Mrupload 12 Site(4shared,Uploadhero,Filecloude,fileswap,more..)
30.Download | Via jheberg 15 Site(Turbobit,uptobox,netload,netload,more..)
31.Download | Via Multfile 8 Site(Sharebeast,Tusfile,letitbit,2shared,More..)

Terabit Virus Maker 2013 + Anti Deep Freeze v0.5 Beta3 | 1 Mb

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